Sunday, 1 March 2015

The one that looked toughest

-= Tough one =-
Currently, I am in week 12 of my half marathon schedule. The schedule works with a set of three pace-zones. I defined the zones completely arbitrarily at the first time I started using the schedule in 2009. With no clue about paces during longer runs over longer periods of training, I selected - and maintained - the following paces over the last seven years:

Pace zone 1: 6:22 min/k - 6:00 min/k
Pace zone 2: 5:45 min/k - 5:27 min/k
Pace zone 3: 5:15 min/k - 5:00 min/k

Each time I did the HM schedule, I have been slightly apprehensive of training 2 in week 11 (W11 T2). The week before the half, is a 50 minute run in my fastest pace. Because I am very stubborn and foolishly confident to know better than the experts that have devised the system, I have until my previous run never run W11 T2. Because I listen to my body every now and again, I had not done this training as it is meant until last Wednesday night.

After having had the day off from work to be with the young padawan - and consequently had no time to rest in preparation for my run. Still, the run went remarkably well (looking back on it, it felt different during the run). I made all the splits and survived to write about it. The avg pace was 4:54, resulting in my very first 48:58 10k. Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the results.

-= Missed a training =-
This Friday, the young padawan went to his grandparents for the weekend. The Missus and I went to London, where we did all sorts of cool stuff, such as shop for books, visit a museum (this took most of the Saturday), had some nice lunches and our caterer-chef landlady (we picked an EXCELLENT Airbnb) had brought some leftovers from her job earlier on Saturday. On Sunday, we did the Old Hampstead Village walk by David. We love London walks so much, that we almost missed our flight home because of it.

All this London stuff is nice and well, and it needs to be done - believe me, it needs to be done to satisfy our family's appetite for that lovely city - but it does cut into my training schedule. My perfect 3-runs-per-week streak that started in week 52 of last year wats broken on Friday 27 February. Though I feel confident for the half that is just under a week away - and that I have just received the bib for - It feels like having dropped the ball after having thrown it for hours on end.

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