Friday, 13 March 2015

New Plans

-= 1600K =-
Having done 1600+ K's in my old VFF's (that is 500 more than I did in my old VFF Speeds some time ago), they became weary old things. With the sole of my little toe worn through - and the rest wearing dangerously thin, I decided to send them off to the eternal running grounds. Two years ago, they were shiny and new (and rather over-sized for the young padawan in the pic to the left). Now, they at least have the memory of having done a (and unfortunately only one) half marathon.

-= KCALS =-
I noticed two extremely open doors, that I will need to beware of during future running plans. Firstly, I will need to keep listening to my body very closely. Any sign of pain, stubborn tiredness or decreased motivation, signals the need for attention.
The second topic is the need for more food than I am currently taking. During the preparations for my The Hague half, I noticed an ever-present hunger. I also noticed the scales indicating a decreased weight - though a still resulting in a very healthy BMI.

In order to steer clear of the obvious ways of gaining weight (my colleagues love buying people all sorts of cake with empty kcals in them), I will be using the weekend to dabble with a Runners World recipe for oatmeal energy bars. That should help me fueling during the daytime and during long runs.

The recipe (source) contains all sorts of usual suspects, such as
* bananas,
* rolled oats,
* chopped walnuts,
* dried cranberries

More on this later.

-= Increasing distance =-
On Wednesday, I did my first run in the pair of blue Bikila's I had bought a considerable time ago. The run was a relaxed 10K recovery run from the half on Sunday. Though it was a cold and misty morning, there was no wind and the avg. 6 min/K pace helped to make the run a good start of the day. The only challenge I faced, was keeping my pace low. This is something I will need to work on, especially with my goal to steadily increase the number of K's I run per week.

Having finished my half marathon plan last week, the distances and types of my runs this week felt strangely arbitrary. I have grown fond of following a plan that allows me to complete my goal of running the K's without having to check the weekly increase in K's. Re-doing the half schedule is not an option, so I decided to look up a plan for doing a whole. It is a 12-week 4 runs per week plan. To take things nice and slow, I will do each of the weeks in the plan twice before moving on to the next week. This should prep me royally for my next run in October (the Amsterdam half).

Who knows... It might lead to running the 42K somewhere in the future.

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