Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Don't Panic

-= 42 =-
Coming June will mark the 9 years anniversary of my running habit. It will also have marked the 42nd year of my life. This year also marks the time when I become part of the elite group whose age represents the answer to life, the universe and everything. This combination of factors has made me decide to go and try a race that incorporates this answer - to which there is no question yet - in 2016.

-= Which race? =-
One of the first things someone will tell you on this topic is that you will need to just sign up for a race and work towards it. There are only two races that I could possibly choose between for a first marathon.
The problem is that I will need to choose between the two as they are held at the same time,  approximately 108 miles apart. The one is the London marathon. The other one is the Shakespeare marathon - though this sadly appears to have no link with the person who gave the run its name. Both have obvious advantages and disadvantages - availability of starting positions being one of them.

-= Work to be done =-
With the training I had so far and the races I have done and planned for this year, I feel that at least one of the aspects - the running bit - is covered. I will be taking about six months to build up to the distance. There are three additional areas that require serious work before I am ready to do the required 42K.

- Food
With the number of K's I have been doing in the previous months, I have lost more weight than I should have. Though my BMI is still well on the healthy side, the fact that I will increase the number of K's will require attention. Besides the fact that I don't want to end up looking like an emaciated junkie, I will need to train my body to do some stuff - burn fat while running, digest particular types of food during a run and retaining energy and using it over a distance of 42K.

I look forward to trying all sorts of foods - as long as it's more than I am taking in now.

- Core strengt
The emaciated junkie look is not too far away off at the moment. All around I keep reading that core strength is extremely important when running ridiculous distances. Additionally, the Missus will not mind a slightly more chiseled body on her husband :D. There are plenty so-called short-cuts to a stronger core, so I will just pick a couple of exercises and work them into my schedule.

- Sleep
I love sleep. I need my sleep. That is why I have no clue as to why I end up with 5 hours of sleep per night. Preparing for a half with the short nights I have had so far is not a problem. I am guessing that building up from 40 K's per week will require me to sleep more than I do now.

The last three topics will take me longer to change than the distance. In all, I will take a year to prepare. Assuming that the race I will be doing is at the end of April 2016, I will start serious preparations around that time this year. It goes without saying that I will bore the readers of these ramblings to tears with my preparations. Like the ancient mariner, it will help me in my journey.

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