Monday, 9 March 2015

A run through The Hague

-= CPC =-
On Sunday, 8 March, the City-Pier-City drew approximately 11000 runners to run the 13.1 M in the half marathon race. The race ran through the lovely town of The Hague, going over to the history-filled town with the unpronounceable name of Scheveningen - running along the North Sea - and returned past the miniature version of the Netherlands in Madurodam.

The run in itself was good and my time was what I hoped and expected. Having prepared doing a 12-week half marathon schedule left me a bit anxious, as I had not run the full 13.1 M anywhere this year. Still the distance was not a problem.

What was a problem, though, is the number of people running the half with the limited capacity of the roads that were selected for the course. It was very difficult to maintain your own pace or even get in the flow during the first 5K. Too many people were taking their time warming up, talking to their neighbours and not feeling the need to complete the race before being mopped up by the broom wagon. In order not to step on any heels or toes - and not to make people angry while cutting in front of them - the runner is always slowing down when required and speeding up when an opening between two runners occurs.

The run went well. My calves did not bother me at all - this had been a weak spot during training - and only the blisters on the soles of my feet caused some minor inconvenience. This will be remedied by removing the calluses under my feet before long runs.

Speed10,727 k/hour
5 kilometers: 29:35 (29:35)
10 kilometers: 57:13 (27:38)
15 kilometers: 1:24:46 (27:33)
20 kilometers: 1:52:09 (27:23)

As to pace, there is a consistent negative trend to my splits and that is a positive thing. My official time turned out to be 1:58:00.

-= And now =-
 The next race I will be preparing for, is the Amsterdam half in October. I will not be starting the half marathon schedule afresh. Instead, I will alternate some speedwork during the week and long runs in the weekends. My goal is to slowly increase the number of K's I do per week to somewhere 50 or 60 - hoping that I can manage this.

The main change in the coming week is that I will throw out my grey/yellow Bikila VFF's, as the soles have now seriously worn down. I will be using the pair of spiffy, brand-new pair of grey/blue VFF Bikila's, that I still had unused. The old ones have seen their share of runs and after approximately 1600K's it is time to ship them off to the eternal running grounds.

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