Tuesday, 17 February 2015


-= Gear =-
I did my first run in June 2006 and was not too certain, I would keep it up. Chosing one of the local couch-2-5k initiatives appeared to have been the right choice, as I have never been tempted to give up starting to run.

Though any man (and probably woman too) is fond of running-gadgets and other gear, I waited 2 years before getting a GPS watch. It would feel like a bad investment to buy stuff, I would only use for a year before throwing it out again. In June 2008, I bought my Garmin Forerunner 205 and on 2 July 2008, I did my first run with it. Never had I imagined that a piece of kit would be such an inspiration to a runner.

Having run with this bit of kit for almost seven years - aiming for 2 or 3 runs per week - it will soon be time to replace my 205. It is beginning to show physical wear and it will not be long before rubber of the buttons on the side will have   worn through.

Added functionality I am looking for in a new watch is that it will be able to register my heartbeat. As HRM sensor, I have invested in a MIO Link wrist band. Currently, I have this communicate with Runkeeper and as soon as I have a new Garmin, I will have it talk to that. The MIO is a great piece of kit, especially when compared with the traditional heartband. It is comfortable, does not move up and down on your wrist while running and is more than accurate enough for my requirements. More on this as my experience with this increases.

-= Training again =-

It's been a while since I ran and blogged, and ran and blogged, and ran, etc. Having had a streak of minor inconveniences to my legs, things started to go better at the end of 2014. In December 2014, I started training for another half and this has gotten me back into the good habit of doing three half-decent distance runs per week. Over the past couple of weeks, I saw a steady incline in Ks per week and I am currently in week 10 of my 12-week programme.

Week # of Ks
7 35.7
6 31.75
5 28.10
4 26.59
3 24.66
2 26.63
1 25.86
Tomorrow, I will be doing a 15K run, right after having brought the young padawan to his school. It will be good to have a 15K testrun, to see how my legs hold up. During my previous weekend run (15K snail-pace), the lower bit of my left leg gave me some pain. Provided that this run will be going according to plan, I will be doing a moderately paced 30 minute run on Friday (booohhhh for short runs!) and a relaxed 18k run on Sunday.

More to follow

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