Monday, 3 June 2013

A PB @ 10K in VFF

-= The lit =-
There was no handing out copies of Byron or Fielding. There might have been the odd author running among the 822 participants, but most of the runners were there to have a good race and enjoy the absolutely great scenery.

Sunday was the day of the literary run in Haarlem. It is a run, I have wanted to participated in for three years, but never got around to do it. On Sunday, I did. The Missus and the young Padawan joined me to the sports-center where the race began.

-= The Run =-
Though, I had not trained specifically for any speed or distance, I decided to have a look at the state of my fitness in this 10K. Despite the light anticipation of the elevation I knew I would encounter, I started with a steady pace, overtaking runners left and right. About three K's into the race, I went up the steep-ish hill that is primarily infamous among cyclists. Though this was a heavy climb, others seemed to be in more pain than I was and I continued my overtaking-streak on my way up.

Near the end of the run, things became heavy and I started to feel the heat of the day. Still I kept up my pace and managed to run a personal best at a 10 K run.

The official time is 50:35, with a 5:03 min/K avg. It is a bit of a pity that my Garmin had trouble picking up a signal in the building that the race started and ended in. This resulted in incorrect registration, so the most correct time and distance I have for this run is the official registration.

-= Shoes =-
To my great surprise, I saw no-one else running in Five Fingers, neither did the Missus. Despite the 822 people in the 10K runner-field, I was likely the only one in VFF's. Still, there were some people in minimalist shoes - I saw one guy in Saucony Kinvara's and another in  a clearly 0-drop, 0-support shoe, I did not recognize.

-= Recovery =-
The balls of my feet were sore because of the cobblestones and the strain caused by the speed of my run. I discovered that there are two things very important in recovering from a run. The one is a pint of buttermilk. The other is a nap in the garden with your feet up on a second chair. Three hours after the race, I was way less sore and was running around the BBQ grilling burgers.

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