Monday, 29 April 2013

Ready for two 10K runs and addicted to running from Zombies

-= Has 't been so long? =-
Running through the winter has been hard. I did stick with it - and found a way to get back on track after my Crash-and-Burn Did-Not-Finish ending of my previous race. Still, the long cold winter with abnormally high wind-speeds did not make my running-life easy, especially having to run at night in the cold and in the dark. At the moment, I am back to doing pain-free 10+K runs and am planning to stick to that distance for a while. I *really* enjoy doing longer distances, but my previous injury has left me somewhat nervous - being forced to do nothing for three months is not something I would like to repeat.

-= Upcoming races =-
There are many ways to remain motivated to run. Despite the difficulty I experience when I need to get out to run, I find energy in the fact that I can run, that running gives me energy and about 42 additional reasons. One of the ways to keep motivated is by having a bunch of co-workers challenge you to go for a run and to keep pace with them. That same bunch of co-workers will be running a 10K near the end of next month. Though I am not yet certain whether I will join them, it does sound tempting to go for a see-what-your-shape-is 10K.

An other run - one that I have already registered for - is a "literary" 10K. I am not too certain what the literary aspect of the run will be, but the route promises to be good - be it hilly for a large part. The two theories I have at the moment are that: 1) Shakespeare will be read to cheer on the runners - as opposed to music being played. Or 2) Instead of a medal, the runners that cross the finish-line get handed out copies of Fielding's Tom Jones. Either way, I will keep you posted as to both runs. Should there be any results or pics to be shared, I will do so in a later post.

-= I Just Realized =-
In a week or three, I will have been a runner for seven years. Starting out with one of the many couch-to-5k programs, I never expected that I would stick to it. Though I keep my running habits as steady as possible, I could not help but being interested in this up-and-coming "natural running" trend. After having read whatever the Internet had to offer on the topic, and having consulted a foot-doctor, I bought my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers three years ago two weeks from today. This means that the same time next year will mark a tipping-point. At that time, I will have run equally long in regular running-shoes and in minimalist shoes.

-= Game On! =-
The Missus and the young Padawan are the gamers of the family. They play all sorts of fun stuff on their tablets and laptops. Fine with me, I love seeing their enthusiasm while tapping tiny blue men wearing white hats and getting them to plant strawberries and pumpkins. My gaming-habit changed in January, when I bought the app called Zombies, Run! The first time I read and saw about this app, I did a short blogpost to express my enthusiasm of the concept - an immersive AR game that requires you to physically run in order to survive.

I bought the app in January, completed it and I have just returned from my first mission of Zombies, Run! season 2. When I started mission 1, I was rather skeptical, but I was soon infected - oh, sorry, no need to get nervous... right? - with the genius of the game! On 16 April, version 2 of the app became available and it was on my phone 30 minutes after the news reached me. My first experience with season 2 was a reminder of the way the game grabs the player. I spent the first half of my run wondering why this not-so-friendly lady was calling me Runner 93 - I'm not Runner 93! I'm Runner 5 lady! - and where the hell trusty Sam is and why is he not guiding me through this run as he should.

I totally look forward to the 59 missions to come, most of which, I will be running in my Runner 5 running-shirt.