Friday, 9 November 2012

Back in my running shoes

-= Starting up again =-

It's been a while. Not being able to run after having run these past six and a half years is painful. Not only did I physically miss the feeling of running outside and feeling each pebble in the road, I get cramps that increase in intensity with longer periods of inactivity.

After the painful half-marathon of some time ago, I have been in and out of the physiotherapist's office and had to force myself to not run. Two weeks ago, I got into my (new) Vibram FiveFingers Bikila's and went out for a very cautious 1.4K. The past week, I did three iterations of 2.5K and that felt So Good. There was no pain during or after the runs and now my main challenge is to not go for a 10K the day after tomorrow, but to gradually build up the number of K's I do.

-= Footwear =-

While my ego was recovering from my leg-injury, my good friend visited the US and brought back a pair of Bikila's and a pair of black KSO Treks. I will use the Treks to wear casually. Wearing them to work is still one step too far from my comfort-zone. I do wear them regularly on my days off.

I discovered that these two pairs brought the total number of FiveFingers I own to four. The Missus has one pair of Fresca's and the your Padawan cannot wait to get a pair on his feet (he will almost fit in a size 29). Or rather, I cannot wait to buy him a pair.

-= City Trip =-
Two weeks from now, The Missus and I will board a plane and go to London. We make it a habit to go there at least once each year. There is no particular reason why we keep returning to that city, other than drinking coffee in our favorite coffee-shops and eating in our favorite restaurants. We go there to be there.

Another reason for my having to be there, is to visit a conference. From Monday to Friday, I will be in a conference-room listening to all sorts of serious topics and discussions, while The Missus will be visiting places such as the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

Naturally, I will bring my Bikila's on this trip, just in case I find a possibility to go for a run. Additionally, I will bring my KSO Treks to wear casually. I am seriously curious about the furtive looks people on the Underground will give my shoes. The people I will meet during my conference will not be shocked too much by the shoes, because I found that there is a growing popularity of toe-shoes among geeks.

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  1. I’m glad to see that you’re getting back on track little by little! I know that your leg injury can be frustrating, but pushing it at this stage may just make it worse. Going slow is exactly the right thing to do. Be patient and keep training, but don’t over-exert yourself or your leg, and I’m sure you’ll be running like you used to before you know it!

    Sienna Christie