Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Au... That Hurt!

A week ago, the Missus, the young padawan and I went to the venue of my half marathon. After picking up my bib and the shirt, we went to the starting line.

After getting a final High-Five from the littleone, I went on my way for my 21K run. The start was a little faster than I had planned. Still, despite my extremely poor preparation, I kept pace with the rest of the runners without a problem.

After a very comfortable start, I began to feel my old lower-left-leg injury about six or seven K into the run. After nine K things began to become heavy. My energy level was fine and I probably would have been able to stick to my sub-2-hour pace, were it not for the increasing pain in my leg. Eleven K into my run, the pain began to become too much and I knew that I would not be able complete the run. On K twelve, I knew I had to stop running because the pain had become too much and after thirteen K's I finally swallowed my pride and did stop.

I called the Missus to come and pick me up. Because my muscles were still warm, I could still use my left leg a tiny bit - though the short walk to our meeting-point was extremely painful. After a shower I sat down for a cup of green tea and I was unable to stand from that point onwards.

Getting up for work on Monday morning was impossible and each step I took was SO painful. Picking up the Padawan on my bicycle became a very dangerous and almost impossible mission. Now, a little over a week later, I am able to walk again (though some of the pain is still there). My physiotherapist told me that a week of ice, heat-packs and tape might enable me to go for a careful short run within a week or two.

It's been a week since my run and I am missing the activity. Still, I realize that the main thing is to get this injury solved before I get to start to run again.

Though the pain in my leg is real, the pain to my not-too-modest ego, was hurt the more because about fifteen people gave money to the good cause because of my run. Naturally I do realize that the money was given to the cause, I just feel that I should have finished the run to match the gifts of those generous people.

The pain to the leg will be gone soon enough. I will probably need a whole lot of running and retail therapy to repair the damage to my ego.