Saturday, 4 August 2012


It's not going to be a habit, but I have strayed from my comfort-zone for the second time in two months. The first time, I decided to forget my hate of asking others for anything in order to do a run for a good cause (see here). Previous week, I decided to buy an Android phone (possibly giving up a part of your privacy is not a very easy thing  for a paranoid person).

In an attempt to get to know the platform and some of the available apps, I found one that I think is too cool to be true. In the corner of the running apps, I found one that combined running with Augmented Reality. It's called Zombies, Run!. The idea is that your phone tells you where to go to escape from the zombies that are trying to catch you. You are sent to collect - medic packs, foods, etc - items placed on waypoints. After your run, you get to build your facilities with the stuff you collected.

Though the price is steep at approximately $8, it is something novel and utterly cool for the average running tech-geek.

For more info, check out the youtube clip below:

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