Sunday, 26 August 2012

Pain is for Pussies

... And boy, am I a pussy. Braggingly, I announced my plans to do a half marathon for a good cause. Not long after the announcement, somewhere in June, I got a mild injury on the outside of my lower left leg. As injuries and pain are for pussies, I decided to ignore the pain and was full of confidence that the minor issue would disappear long before my upcoming half.

Heh, little did I know that pulling an ostrich does not make the injury disappear. Try as I might, I kept feeling the annoying sting in my left leg. During the past two weeks, I began to get a bit worried and used ice on my leg every night. There was some improvement last week but I decided to put an end to that by doing the second half of an 8.4k run in my higher speed. This resulted in a another week of misery.

Meanwhile, the count-down to my upcoming half is down to 6.5 days. The limited time to the run, the pain in the outside of my lower left leg, the very limited number of runs I did in the previous two weeks and the fact that I have not done a 21k run this year promises to make things ... uhm... interesting. As I promised a number of people to do the run - they were even good enough to spend money on the cause - I simply cannot throw in the towel. After the run - if my foot hasn't broken off from my leg - when I am confined to the couch until I can walk again, I will let you know about how things have gone.

-= Breakfast =-

The missus has been following a particular blog for some time (the one that inspired me to write I Run). The lady that writes the blog mentioned something about a new uber-breakfast, called overnight porridge. Doing some Googling, I found many pages on how to prepare it and ways to make it palatable.

In other places in the web, I found tips for making it even more healthy, by adding the magical ingredient of Chia seeds. To quote the Huffington Post:

Extremely high in the essential fatty acid, omega-3, chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants (more than blueberries), vitamins, minerals (including more calcium than milk), fiber (more than most bran products) and protein. Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run, the true story of the astoundingly fit and healthy Tarahumara barefoot runners in Mexico, (who take off on 50-100-mile running jaunts as if they were evening strolls) likened the nutritional value of chia to making a 'smoothie of wild salmon, spinach and human growth hormones.'

 The recipe  boils down to the following:

* Take one cup of rolled oats

* Mix this with one cup of yoghurt
* Add three table-spoons of milk
* Add seeds and dried fruits to flavour
* Mix and put in the fridge until the following morning.

Should my run end in disaster, I am looking to the innate goodness of my new-found (and very tasty) breakfast!

Saturday, 4 August 2012


It's not going to be a habit, but I have strayed from my comfort-zone for the second time in two months. The first time, I decided to forget my hate of asking others for anything in order to do a run for a good cause (see here). Previous week, I decided to buy an Android phone (possibly giving up a part of your privacy is not a very easy thing  for a paranoid person).

In an attempt to get to know the platform and some of the available apps, I found one that I think is too cool to be true. In the corner of the running apps, I found one that combined running with Augmented Reality. It's called Zombies, Run!. The idea is that your phone tells you where to go to escape from the zombies that are trying to catch you. You are sent to collect - medic packs, foods, etc - items placed on waypoints. After your run, you get to build your facilities with the stuff you collected.

Though the price is steep at approximately $8, it is something novel and utterly cool for the average running tech-geek.

For more info, check out the youtube clip below: