Thursday, 28 June 2012

Running for a Cause

About six years ago I started to run for many, many reasons (but most importantly for my health). I will do a separate post on my reasons later. Over the years I have run mostly for myself. I have done only a very modest number of races (three 10K's, one 10 Miles and two half marathons). My reason is that no matter how much fun a run might be, it always takes up too much time. A 10k race will take a day rather than an hour, while a 10K run at home will take an hour and a half, including changing and stretching before and a shower after the run.

Still, since I started to run, I have wanted to run for a good cause. While checking how to sign up for a local half marathon in the beginning of September, I discovered the possibility to run the race for a good cause. As the cause is one that people that are close to me have benefited of quite a bit (research into heart-disease), I decided to take the leap and see if I can raise some money for this research.

I signed up for the run today and expect to receive the money-raising kit before the weekend. Let's just see if we can get people to pay for my run.

The course of the race promises to be interesting. The start and finish will be in a not too large village. A large part of the middle piece is along one of the Schiphol runways and through cropland and meadows. Though this will be the eight's installment of the run, I have no idea how many participants there will be.

Preparation-wise, things are going well. This evening, I did run 2 of week 8 of my half marathon training. Because of my new I-Have-No-Shame-And-I-Love-It playlist on my musicplayer, I simply had to extend my fast run and do 8.2K rather than 6K. This night's run taught me a thing or two about myself (especially about my music-preferences) that I am not particularly proud of. The songs that give me most energy during a fast run are songs by British back to the seventies/eighties punk bands. I even found any bit of fatigue or pain disappear at the end of my run when I heard the opening tunes of "Run to The Hills" by ehrm... yes, ehrm... Iron Maiden. (but in the words of the most modern of my favorite singers: SO WHAT!)

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