Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathersday 2012

-= Breakfast =-
This morning I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, baked beans, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. The Missus and the young Padawan had spent at least 30 minutes in the kitchen to prepare a Champion's breakfast for me. This breakfast was a small reminder of the time when the Missus and I were just the two of us and would lavishly go about traveling through Europe. Whenever available, I would always take the British cooked breakfast - and yes, there was 30Kg's more of me then than there is now.

For presents, the young Padawan had bought me a kite (a larger one than the one I keep stealing from him). Flying a kite with the little one has been a dream since long before he was born. Despite the fact that he is distracted by everything around him (he is two), I am loving every second of it. The Missus gave me a gift coupon for a lunch for two and I look forward to the time together. No doubt the Padawan will have the time of his life during a sleep-over with his nieces and nephew.

-= Windy run =-
(Some time) After my rich breakfast, I went  for a run. My half marathon schedule required me to do an 80 minute relaxed run. Though wind-force 5 caused the run to be not so relaxed, it was good to do a longer run again. I did the first training of week 7 in my HM schedule (just over half-way) and the runs are getting longer again.

Running in toe-shoes that provide little to no protection to the soles of my feet, I am training my feet to toughen up a bit. During the Amsterdam half-marathon in 2011, my feet had taken quite a beating. I was used to running the distance, but my pace during the race was considerably higher than during my training runs. This resulted in my feet being tender - to the degree of a nice juicy steak - for at least a week. So far, things are looking promising. Though my feet were painful after the 8.5k interval of two days ago, today's 14k run was no problem and I feel completely recovered just hours later.

To my regret, the wind died just after my run, so we could not get the kite to take off (we did try naturally). I will take pics of the next kite-flying expedition we will be going on.

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