Thursday, 21 June 2012

1100 K's in my Vibram Fivefingers Speed

Yesterday's run was Hot, Too Hot for a person living where I live who is not used to any sort of heat. Still, I went (because I could) and completed training 2 of week 7 of my 12-week Half Marathon schedule (more on this later).

With completing this training, I have run 1100 K in my Vibram Fivefingers. I did the 1100 K's in about a year and a half. (This is very disappointing compared to previous years, but I have a number of Excellent excuses lined up for every one who asks me how my running has been going.)

I have run approximately 1100 K's in regular running shoes earlier, and I have had to replace these because - besides the regular wear - the soles had lost their bounce and I could distinctly feel the effects of this in my knees. As there is no bounce in my current shoes, I do not need to throw them out for that reason.

Still 1100 K's in any pair of shoes will leave signs of wear. The wear in my Speeds is visible on the soles (these became Very thin in several places) and several places on the upper part. I noticed various holes on the sides when I put them on without my socks (you won't notice a hole in black shoes when there is a layer of black fabric behind them). The insole of the shoes have a hole in them on the outside of the left shoe. This is probably caused by something strange in the way I place my left foot (likely caused by a rather painful hernia that affected my left leg and immobilized me for three months several years ago).

Using a layer of liquid rubber, I was able to repair the worst thin-spots on the soles. I am planning to use Engo Patches to fix the damage to the inside of the shoes (especially the left side of the left shoe). These are difficult to come by and I HOPE to receive my order by the beginning of next week.

Obviously, the damage to the upper part of the shoes is more difficult to repair - I won't be able to. Despite these war-wounds, I am planning to keep running in them for at least five more months. I expect to then have run approximately 1700 K's in them, including three half marathons and (if all goes well) one 10 miles run. They have some more work to do before I will send them off to the eternal running grounds.

Naturally, I will keep you posted.

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